Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Most Interesting About Fashion and Style in the "High School Shopping"

You still do not know how to orient in a variety of fashion trends, choose the stylish things and think about how they will be combined with each other? Then you will certainly need to visit the "High School Shopping" which is a new online project malls "MEGA".

Readers of "High School Shopping" can orient in a variety of fashion trends, pick up stylish suits and think about how they will be combined with each other.

The chief editor of "High School Shopping" has become a well-known journalist and stylist “Olga Maltsev”. It will not only give recommendations on how to create a fashionable image and highlight individual style, but also introduce new items available this season. Tell you how to figure out the important events that shape the modern fashion, and introduces readers to prominent personages industry and rising stars of street-style columns.
According to Olga, one of her favorite columns - "street style." In this section, readers are given recommendations how to pick things up in the stores, "MEGA" in accordance with the latest trends in street-fashion.

Special attention is also worth heading "Dictionary of Fashion", created to clarify the terminology is not always clear which is replenished every season our vocabulary.

Brogues, sleepers, Pantaloons - of this section, readers will learn how did these names and what they really mean.

In the near future the site will be launched new sections devoted to men's and children's fashion, as well as headings, characters who become visitors "MEGA".