Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Most Interesting About Fashion and Style in the "High School Shopping"

You still do not know how to orient in a variety of fashion trends, choose the stylish things and think about how they will be combined with each other? Then you will certainly need to visit the "High School Shopping" which is a new online project malls "MEGA".

Readers of "High School Shopping" can orient in a variety of fashion trends, pick up stylish suits and think about how they will be combined with each other.

The chief editor of "High School Shopping" has become a well-known journalist and stylist “Olga Maltsev”. It will not only give recommendations on how to create a fashionable image and highlight individual style, but also introduce new items available this season. Tell you how to figure out the important events that shape the modern fashion, and introduces readers to prominent personages industry and rising stars of street-style columns.
According to Olga, one of her favorite columns - "street style." In this section, readers are given recommendations how to pick things up in the stores, "MEGA" in accordance with the latest trends in street-fashion.

Special attention is also worth heading "Dictionary of Fashion", created to clarify the terminology is not always clear which is replenished every season our vocabulary.

Brogues, sleepers, Pantaloons - of this section, readers will learn how did these names and what they really mean.

In the near future the site will be launched new sections devoted to men's and children's fashion, as well as headings, characters who become visitors "MEGA".

Street-Fashion: How to Dress Up Capital Mods

Let's face it: The relationship between men with fashion has always been difficult. Adepts stretched sweaters and raznoshennuyu shoes, not to mention followers combination of sandals and socks, long time kept the defense under pressure seasonally changing trends. But over time, things went smoothly. Today, a large part of the male population of our country is trying to follow the trends of the fashion world and chooses clothes not only on the principle of "user-friendly". We turned our eyes toward the capital mods and learned without things today, they do not want to do.

Action Milavitsa: Beauty in Every Gift Tights!

The onset of autumn and winter - that's no reason to hide in a cocoon of bulk items, trousers and jeans. Their beautiful legs can be demonstrated, if choose the right tights. The company presents a new collection Milavitsa Lauma Lingerie - comfortable high quality stockings and tights varying degrees of density.

The collection includes a variety of models: tights with different densities, stockings, the upper part of which is decorated with lace insert with silicone tape, as well as socks and socks. The color range includes six classic shades, and a wide range (from XS to XXXL) allow each woman to pick up your favorite model.

From 20 to 30 September each shopper that carried in the store Milavitsa purchase in the amount of 999 rubles, get new tights Lauma Lingerie as a gift!

It is also important that in the process of developing a new range of used the most advanced technologies and high quality raw materials only European manufacturers, in particular, cotton and microfiber, making hosiery products Lauma Lingerie particularly high-quality and comfortable to wear.

How to fall in Love with Yourself - Self from the "Defi * le"

Subject SELF now popular not only in Instagram. Fashion brands also drew attention to the new photo trend and did use it in their advertising campaigns. For example, in the lingerie brand "Le Defi *" sure: SELF - the best way to re-fall in love in yourself.

Lingerie brand "Le Defi *" launched an advertising campaign for Autumn-Winter 14/15 on fashionable now a self-portrait - self. Self from the "Defi * le" - it's a new mirror that reveals a fresh vision to women themselves: relaxed, in love with her beauty and body.

Each female emotion - this is a unique moment, a beautiful little life worth capturing in the frame as a pleasant memory.

Self-reveals deep feelings, and revives in memory pleasant moments and gives confidence in their own irresistibility. Just look at his picture, to leave no one in doubt of its irresistibility.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Most Beautiful Bride Hairstyles and Her Long Hair

Treading the bride and her long hair in the selection of hairstyle distinctive highlight the beauty of her hair, although there are a lot of layoffs wonderful that can be spruced up in the night of her wedding, is not required to be leaving her hair to stand tall, but can be manufactured hairstyle amazing show length in the same time is long hair better than short hair for their wedding night, Valmsamm can control it and make a hairstyle fit with the shape of her face and her dress, and several other factors, especially if the hair is thick also hairstyle in the picture side locks of corrugated, a simple hairstyle but give views breathtaking.

Calvin Klein Choose Neutral Colors for Spring and Summer 2015

Yesterday provided the first sign of Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Her new collection for spring and summer fashion in 2015, as part of Fashion Week in New York.

The House adopted the famous American fashion on neutral colors such as white, black, dark blue, with the availability of more than one piece of metal, such as silver in color.

Did not find fashion experts and a description befitting the group more appropriate than the "Group of seriousness," It seems that the impression left by the pieces presented by Calvin Klein is not due only to neutral colors, but also designs skirts and jackets, which are used where ores viscose, chiffon.

View this prestigious group, and presented at a special night witnessed catwalks of New York Fashion for spring and summer of 2015.

Marc Jacobs Bags in Flashy New York Fashion Week

Surprise Marc Jacobs “Marc Jacobs Both” attended the display featured within the Fashion Week in New York by a unique set of bags spring and summer of 2015.

Designs far cry from the traditional group hijacked this attention to it, and perhaps the best among all presented so far on the catwalks and more what distinguished this group from the other, big bags knapsack, which is certainly best suited to safaris, once our eyes fall out will be able to imagine in view of gay chic may adopt in the next spring and summer.

This did not prevent the availability of the bag Tote, Shoulder bags or even a clutch, but the colors were: the oil shale, Allenbive, and brown degrees and now leave you with this lineup of high-end bags Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs, Do not forget to tell us your opinion about it.